"About the sleeping kids.
The challenge began with a longing for nature, but I had to admit defeat early on. I tried to find its beauty in the human body, or simply make it bigger, or take hold of nature itself. Although I was part of nature, my power was weak even when I looked at it only in human terms, and I was not even close to being comparable. In the first place, I was not conscious of winning or losing, nor was I trying to compete with others. What was left for me was the small life around me. Pure forms that were closer to nature than I was, and blended in as part of it. Forms that were newly seen as comforting and cute rather than beautiful. These were the forms of small children and cats, and everything about them, from the outside to the inside, was a mass of new discoveries. I turned my attention to the way they looked and the way they lived, and moved my hands to create a number of new forms. The forms are comfortable, they fit in your hands, they are pretty, and they are not only pretty, but they also look at the inner conflicts and growth. And notice. That what lies beyond their growth is the immature form that I am now, and that what I have been following is the path that I have also taken. That I had been longing for the form I had taken when I had forgotten, and that I had been carefully picking up the things I had thrown away. My immaturity was a very effective way of communicating the world I was seeing. The immature form was very effective in conveying the world as I saw it, because it was my own ideal form. There were times when I simply looked at the growth and change of human children. But they are not real children. Like a cat, they are children who know how to live as they are, without going against the flow of time. What I create are not only the images of life growing, but also my own thoughts about the world and my own small resistance. Seeking a comfortable form in the round and round form of a cat and a child. And children grow up. Children will one day grow up to be adults. They leave me with a lesson in loveliness and the beauty of purity and ignorance, and finally they quietly disappear. I think I will continue to watch this with them.


1988 Saitama, Japan
2009 Animal Exhibition (Como Gallery, Saitama University)
2009 Hello! Works! Exhibition, Shimokitazawa, Japan
2009 Participated in Forest Park Art Festa 2009 at Musashi Hillside Forest Park, Saitama, Japan
2010 Yaenari ~16 Stories~ Exhibition (Yotsuya)
2010 Nobody Else EaTer Exhibition, Ginza, Tokyo
2010 Palm Exhibition Vol.7 - Gallery (Unigrabus Ginza-kan, Ginza, Tokyo)
2011 AAC Fresh! (The Artcomplex Center, Shinjuku, Tokyo)
2011 Palm Exhibition Vol.8, Unigravus Ginza, Ginza, Tokyo
2011 KAKURENB" (Neu Frank Atelier Nasu, Nasu, Japan)
2011 ART TAIPEI2011 (World Trade Center, Taipei)
2011 A-TO Exhibition Vol.10 (gallery UG, Bakurocho)
2011 Three Artists Exhibition (gallery UG, Bakurocho)
2012 TOUNG ART TAIPEI 2012 (Sheraton Hotel, Taipei)
2012 Palm Exhibition Vol.9 (gallery UG, Bakurocho)
2012 A-TO Exhibition Vol.11 (gallery UG, Bakurocho, Tokyo)
2012 ART TAIPEI 2012 (World Trade Center, Taipei)
2012 ART ASIA Korea 2012 (SEOUL COEX, Seoul)
2012 YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2012 (Sheraton Hotel, Taipei)
2013 Solo Exhibition at gallery UG, Bakurocho, Tokyo.
2013 YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2013 (Sheraton Hotel, Taipei)
2014 Laissez-faire, The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, Ueno, Japan
2015 Affordable Art Fair 2015 (F1 Pit Building, Singapore)
2015 YONG ART TAIPEI 2015 (Sheraton Hotel, Taipei)
2015 Laissez-faire (THE LUXE ART MUSEUM, Singapore)

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