ONE ART Taipei 2024

2024/01/26 -2024/01/28

Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei Room No.1110


gallery UG is pleased to announce its participation at ONE ART Taipei 2024, the premier hotel art fair in Asia, held from 26-28 at Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei.

The theme for this year’s art fair is “Laissez-faire”.
Laissez-faire is a motto that expresses a part of the attitude of the times, such as the relationship between artists and galleries, and free expression in production. We continue to hold this exhibition based on the idea that we, UG, will transmit our feelings and love for the artists and their works.

ONE ART Taipei 2024 presents a wonderful occasion to explore and share the limitless possibilities in the interactions between art and space. We sincerely hope that you will be able to partake in this immersive experience and thoroughly enjoy it.

VIP Day|2024/01/26 14:00~19:00
Public Day|2024/01/27-28 11:00~19:00
Venue|Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei Room No.1110
・Takaoki TAJIMA
・Junko ASANO
・Takayuki NIWA

Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
ONE ART Taipei 2024
2024/01/26 -2024/01/28
Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei Room No.1110
Takaoki TAJIMA Ryosuke KAWAHIRA Junko ASANO Takayuki NIWA Misako MAEGAKI


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