Morning moon

2024/01/12 -2024/01/20

gallery UG Bakurocho


gallery UG Bakurocho is pleased to announce "Morning Moon" a solo exhibition by Misako MAEGAKI from January 12 (Fri) to January 20 (Sat).

Misako Maegaki expresses in three-dimensional and two-dimensional works "Neko-domo" (cats and children), creatures characterized by their rounded forms that have intelligence and emotions, and that stand and act in a certain way.
Hoping that people will love her "Neko-domo" she creates her works not only to be appreciated by looking at them, but also with an awareness of the sense of touch and weight when taking them in your hands.

She has been working as resident artist of gallery UG since 2010. She has exhibited at solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in Japan and abroad.
In 2021, she moved to Moji, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where she continues to work.
In 2023, she participated in a group exhibition at iart Gallery in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and at several events in Moji and Osaka.

In this exhibition, she will present about 40 new three-dimensional and two-dimensional works created in Moji.
Please come and see them.

gallery UG

Morning Moon

"Things that are always there, but if we tend to overlook if we are not conscious of them."

I think the morning moon is one such view.
Once you notice its beauty, you will develop eyes that can always find it.
In this way, we color the world and the scenery we see every day.
Every day, I nurture my heart one by one.


Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
Morning moon
2024/01/12 -2024/01/20
11:00 - 18:00 Last day|11:00 - 16:00
gallery UG Bakurocho


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