2023/04/21 -2023/04/29

gallery UG Bakurocho


gallery UG Bakurocho is pleased to announce that exhibition entitled, "RAW" by Rei ITAYA from April 21 (Fri) to April 29(Sat).

Itaya arranges vegetables and other living creatures on the dining table in her own home or on her travels, and uses natural light to reflect the presence of the subjects themselves when taking photographs. In some photographs, she captures subjects vividly, while in others she captures vegetables as if they have a will of their own for an instant. They are elegant and graceful but at the same time have a sense of tension.
It is as if the subject exists only to be photographed by Itaya, and the subject seems to be trying to express the most beautiful appearance of itself. However, please pay attention to the titles of her works.

“Carrots in Sesame Oil and Salt, Autumn”, “Beef Stew, Autumn”

As you see, every painting has a culinary name. The subject, which had a will, becomes a “food” after recorded, then cooked and becomes one daily meal.
Viewers perceive the expression of photographs without knowing anything about it, and after learning the title, imagine the subject being transformed into an ingredient. Even the viewer's imagery can become part of the work in her works.
Photographs were originally used as a means of proving an era or a moment in time, but have since become a medium of expression.
Itaya’s works also have these two aspects, but they are as close to art as possible.

Itaya has participated in "Konshin-Ten Vol. 4" at gallery UG Bakurocho in 2022, and this time will be her first solo exhibition at our gallery. Please come and see.

“In my own home, and in my destinations. A living creatures considered as food give me a clue to the earth.” -Rei ITAYA

Education: Joshibi University of Art and Design Junior College

Focusing on portrait photography for magazines such as "Sports Graphic Number".
Currently based in Tokyo as a freelance photographer.

2011 The 5th "1_WALL" Exhibition - Guardian Garden, Tokyo
Finalist of the 5th "1_WALL" exhibition
2015 Solo exhibition "From The Dark Room To Outer Space" - ROCKET, Tokyo
2018 Solo Exhibition "Before Becoming a Dish" – Omotesando ROCKET, Tokyo
2021 Art Exhibition "SICF22" - Spiral Hall, Tokyo
2022 Konshin-Ten Vol.4 - gallery UG Bakurocho, Tokyo

Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
2023/04/21 -2023/04/29
11:00-18:00 *Close at 16:00 on the last day only
gallery UG Bakurocho


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