2023/02/10 -2023/02/25

gallery UG Tennoz


We are pleased to announce that gallery UG Tennoz will hold a solo exhibition of Keitoku TOIZUMI's works entitled "SHINING SPARK" from February 10 (Fri.) to February 25 (Sat.).

We are pleased to announce that gallery UG Tennoz will hold the exhibition entitled
"SHINING SPARK" by Keitoku Toizumi from February 10 (Fri.) to February 25 (Sat.), 2023.
This is the first solo exhibition in a year by Toizumi, who has gained popularity for his Pink Army series, which iconized the gap between reality and fiction.
Toizumi's works represent his various different thoughts and feelings, and it differs each time by time to time for the creation period. He keeps one thing for all of his creations to express the shining bright energy that his work figures have in them.
In recent years, Toizumi has been developing his "imaginary world" by incorporating not only the many toys in his collection, but also natural objects.
In this exhibition, Toizumi introduces his new creations that symbolically illustrates a pink army, which acts as a storyteller to connect the stories scattered on the screen.
This exhibition will be held as a preview to Art Fair Tokyo 2023 in following March.
We look forward to your visit.


How I imagine my world
I am showing my love for toys from my childhood through playing make-believe stories, building imaginary cities by putting various things together, having robots fighting against each others to get me immersed in imaginary world.
This feeling I never forgot, is shaped differently from the past but lives in my mind rent free. Knowledge I have gaind growing up to now, and constant reminder of shocking news that comes to my mind everyday, also enter my imagination world.
Still, I am searching everywhere every day for my ideal beautiful world to picture.
Like the toy store I used to love to go to, had every color I looked for. All the colors there, was everything. It was brightly shining. This shining world has always been a theme for my paintings.
Some of my paintings have a theme of living flowers, which is rare for my works. I have started to grow some roses in my garden since I got to spend more time at home. 2 years of pruning them, giving them nutrients and pulling weeds out, the vine roses are now producing a lot of flowers.
The life of a flower is very fragile. The moment they bloom at dawn is its most beautiful self and they fall out within two nights. I was captivated by an idea of such a brief moment of brilliance.


Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
2023/02/10 -2023/02/25
11:30 – 18:30  Fridays | 11:30 – 20:00
Sundays, Mondays
gallery UG Tennoz



Invisible enemy
Acrylic, cotton cloth, panel

Dream Transporter
Acrylic, cotton cloth, panel

The Dragon and the Red Rose
P120号 112×194
Acrylic, cotton cloth, panel

My favorite Twinkle -Glitterbugs.
S80号 145.5×145.5
Acrylic, cotton cloth, panel

Acrylic, cotton cloth, panel

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