An Open Field Some Day

2023/07/28 -2023/08/05

gallery UG Bakurocho


gallery UG Bakurocho is pleased to hold the solo exhibition “An Open Field Some Day” by Nobuko NUMANO from Friday, July 28th to Saturday, August 5 th at gallery UG Bakurocho.

Art synchronizes with the times and continues to evolve into what people of that era seek. In today's bustling world, many people seem to be seeking multiple elements in one thing.
And amidst it all, we believe that they are still searching for universal healing.

Things that are depicted, and things that are not.
Numano unveils their very existences by not depicting them more than necessary.

The small building drawn in the middle of the new work is a representation of the artist's alter ego.
The open field that spreads around it signifies the flow of time.
A building stands on an open field, and returns to an open field (a vacant lot) once more.
She expresses her “territory” by depicting the changes in time centered around her alter ego.

Numano has previously illustrated "individuals" such as plants, trees, and people.
This time, she introduces the new timeline of an open field(space) into her artwork.
This exhibition will feature 19 new works with a different perspective from her previous works.

We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.
gallery UG

I create my works with the hope of giving form to the things that exist like landmarks in the gaps between the various things that are changing.

Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
An Open Field Some Day
2023/07/28 -2023/08/05
11:00 - 18:00 Last day|11:00 - 16:00
gallery UG Bakurocho



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