(日本語) 制作においての3つの要素は、動物であること(好きなモチーフ)造形の美しさ(彫刻としての感動)メッセージ (社会 歴史 自然観 生命観など)。新時代の到来を描く芸術が個人的衝動表現ならば、ある意味昔話的なストーリーを持つ自作は、文脈を含め未来に残したい『彫る』という事と『語り継ぐ』事の受動的能動表現である。


1972 Born in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture
2000 M.F.A. in Sculpture, Tama Art University
2007-2008, 2010-2014 Part-time lecturer at Tama Art University
2009-2014 Member of Nika-kai

■Solo Exhibitions

2004 Naoki Shimoyama Exhibition -Mimicry- (Gallery Art Morimoto, Kyobashi)
2009 Naoki Shimoyama Wood Sculpture Exhibition (Takashimaya Osaka)
2009 Naoki Shimoyama A watched pot never boils (Shinjuku Takashimaya)
2009 Naoki Shimoyama -elsewhere- (Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
2010 Naoki Shimoyama -unity-, Gallery Seiho, Tokyo
2010 Naonori Shimoyama -Butterfly effect- (Nakanosawa Art Museum)
2011 Naoki Shimoyama -wooden sculpture- (Takashimaya Osaka)
2012 Naoki Shimoyama -serendipity- (Court Gallery Kunitachi)
2013 Naoki shimoyama exhibition -Pearls before swine- (Takashimaya Osaka, Yokohama, Takasaki)
2013 AFTER FEAST (Takashimaya Shinjuku)
2013 Naoki Shimoyama exhibition ""live and let live"" at Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo
2015 -Characters- Shimoyama Naomi Sculpture Exhibition (Hideharu Fukasaku Gallery Roppongi)
2015 THE ORIGIN OF CHARACTERS SHIMOYAMA NAOKI EXHIBITION (Takashimaya Osaka, Shinjuku Takashimaya, Takashimaya Takasaki)
2016 Naoki Shimoyama Exhibition: A series of mere reason of love is written to the rest of the people without clear and complicated commentary (H-art Beat Gallery)
2018 Naoki Shimoyama Sculpture Exhibition - Tan Shi - (Mitsukoshi Department Store, Nihonbashi)
2019 Naoki Shimoyama Exhibition NAOKI SHIMOYAMA EXHIBITION-A STUDY IN INSTINCT- (Takashimaya Osaka, Takasaki, Shinjuku, JR Nagoya)
2019 Naoki Shimoyama exhibition martyrdom of creature (H-art Beat Gallery)

■Group Exhibition

2000 Fantasy Garden and Wood Sculpture Art Exhibition (Odawara City Dynacity West Mall & Canyon)
2001 Talk with Wood Exhibition (St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo, since then)
2001 The 16th National Cultural Festival in Gunma 2001 Sculpture Exhibition (Sanomaru Art Hall, Tatebayashi City)
2005 Attraction of Three-Dimensional Sculpture Exhibition (Sibuya Seibu B, Tokyo)
2005 Space and Form: Five Sculptors Exhibition (JR Nagoya Takashimaya Art Gallery)
2007 Dreaming Tree Exhibition, Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo
2008 Sompo Japan Selected Artists Exhibition, Seiji Togo Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Artist Kingdom: Naoki Shimoyama and Hiroki Yanagisawa (Takasaki City Museum of Art)
2008 Formative Thinking: Seven Sculptors (Takashimaya Osaka)
2010 Sanyi International Wood Sculpture Art Festival (Taiwan)
2010 Taiwan & Japan International Wood Sculpture Art Exchange Exhibition
2010 Sculpture Animal Park, Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo
2011 ""Spatial Thinking: Three Sculptors"", Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo
2011 New Collection Exhibition II (Saku City Museum of Modern Art)
2011 Animal Life: Fumio Asakura and Animals, Takasaki City Museum of Art, Japan
2012 ""Rashinban Selection: Three Sculptors in the Spotlight"" (Art Space Rashinban)
2012 - Space and Form: Three Sculptors Exhibition (JR Nagoya Takashimaya Art Gallery)
2012 Colored Sculpture: Reviving Aesthetics, Tatebayashi Museum of Art, Gunma, Japan
2013 Collection + Body Speaks, Arts Maebashi, Tokyo
2014 Omoshiro Ki Katachi Exhibition (Yokohama Takashimaya)
2014 ""Dreaming Tree 2014"", Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo
2014 ""Future of Sculptors"" (Daimaru Shinsaibashi)
2014 What can be seen from the sketch (Nakanosawa Art Museum)
2014 Miracle of Dreams: 59 Gunma Artists Exhibition (Takasaki City Gallery, Japan)
2014 Animal Mania Exhibition 2014, FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA, Japan
2014 Sculpture Animal Park, Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2015 Young Art Taipei (Taiwan)
2015 Affordable Art Fair Hong (Hong Kong)
2015 Animals of the Twelve Zodiac Signs Sculpture Exhibition (Takashimaya Osaka)
2015 Skull Exhibition, Shinjuku Takashimaya, Tokyo
2016 Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo International Forum, H-art Beat Gallery, Tokyo
2016 - To the Future - Wooden Sculpture Exhibition (Takashimaya Osaka)
2016 - Animals that Color the Year - Chinese Zodiac Sculpture Exhibition (Takashimaya Kyoto Store)
2016 YERR-END EXHIBITION OF MINI, Gallery Seiho, Tokyo
2017 Mitsukoshi Art 110th Anniversary HOPES Next Generation Exhibition (Mitsukoshi Department Store, Nihonbashi)
2017 ART FORMOSA (Taiwan)
2017 - To the Future - Wood Sculpture Honryu Exhibition (JR Nagoya Takashimaya)
2017 Art Fair Tokyo 2017 (Tokyo International Forum H-art Beat Gallery)
2017 Art in Maebashi 2017 - Dialogue with Diverse Beauty - (Arts Maebashi)
2018 Art Stage Singapore 2018 (Singapore)
2018 ART NAGOYA 2018 (H-art Bert Gallery)
2018 Art Fair Tokyo 2018 (H-art Beat Gallery, Tokyo International Forum)
2019 Artists of Double Sign Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Meguro, Tokyo


Special Prize, Nika Exhibition
Sompo Japan Art Foundation Encouragement Prize
Rome Prize
Member Prize
Excellent Work Prize, Sompo Japan Art Foundation Selected Encouragement Exhibition
Jomo Art and Culture Award, Art Division
Honorable Mention, Sanyi International Wood Sculpture Art Festival, Taiwan

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