Kunihiko NOHARA × LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée Collaboration Project

We are pleased to announce a collaboration project with the popular sweets store Louange Tokyo Le Musée Ginza.

For the first phase, Kunihiko Nohara’s works will be exhibited in the store.

In the second phase, sweets based on the image of Kunihiko Nohara’s work “Cappuccino” will be unveiled from today.
The LOUANGE TOKYO mascot bear floating on the work “Cappuccino” is wearing the iconic underwater glasses of Kunihiko Nohara.
It will be a different way to enjoy the sense of taste and touch that cannot be experienced in artworks.

This “cappuccino” will be available to eat-in at Louange Tokyo Le Musée Ginza.


It will be available until early November.

Please stop by when you come to Ginza.

For more information, please visit the website of LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée Ginza.



Kunihiko NOHARA