Zukyuuun in the Field

2024/06/05 -2024/06/25

gallery UG Osaka Umeda


gallery UG Osaka Umeda is pleased to announce “Zukyuun in the Field,” a joint exhibition by Naoki NOMURA and Nobuko NUMANO, running from June 5 (Wed) to June 25 (Tue).
This marks the first joint exhibition hosted by gallery UG Osaka Umeda. The exhibition features the unique perspectives of both artists, showcased through Naoki NOMURA’s ceramics and Nobuko NUMANO’s paintings.
We look forward to welcoming you.

gallery UG


Musashino Art University College of Art and Design, Department of Painting Graduate

2023  D-art, ART 2023 – Matsuzakaya Nagoya Department Store, Nagoya
     Solo Exhibition “The Field of Someday” – gallery UG Bakurocho, Tokyo
2022  Solo Exhibition “Box Garden - Hiding in the Grass, as if in a Little Garden” – Alpino Ginka Gallery, Saitama
     “Colors of the Future” Art colours Vol. 39 Winter-Spring Exhibition – Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo
     ART REMIX – +ART gallery, Tokyo
2021  “Precious Time” ART colours Vol. 35 Summer-Autumn Exhibition – Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo

The small buildings and flowers at the center of my work represent my alter ego. The surrounding fields signify the passage of time. Buildings rise on an empty field, only to return to open land once more. By placing my alter ego at the heart of these transformations, I express my own "territory."

Through my art, I aim to give form to the landmarks that exist in the spaces between changing elements



Kyoto Seika University Graduate School of Art, Master of Fine Arts (Ceramics) Graduate

2024  Solo Exhibition “Zukyuuun” – Daimaru Kobe Department Store 8F gallery TOART, Kobe
     KOBE ART MARCHE 2024 – Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Kobe
2023  OSAKA ART FES HANSHIN – Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store, Osaka
     KOBE ART MARCHE 2023 – Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Kobe
     D-art, ART 2023 – Daimaru Tokyo Department Store, Tokyo
     ONE ART Taipei 2023 – Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei, Taipei
2022  Fine Art Collection 2022 – Matsuzakaya Nagoya Department Store, Nagoya
     Solo Exhibition “Zukyuuun” – gallery UG Tennoz, Tokyo
     D-art, ART 2022 – Daimaru Kobe Department Store, Kobe
     ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2022 – Hotel Okura Fukuoka, Fukuoka
     TANAGOKORO-TEN – Daimaru Sapporo Department Store 8F Art Gallery, Hokkaido
     ART ART KOBE 2022 – Daimaru Kobe Department Store, Kobe
     HANSHIN Art Meeting – Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store, Osaka
     Solo Exhibition “Clay Stories” – GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS, Tokyo

In the lush green mountains, the sounds, smells, and signs that I experience while creating my work make me imagine the lives of creatures burrowed away. Similarly, casual conversations and everyday encounters are filled with small discoveries that move me.

When these imaginings and discoveries blend, a story forms in my mind, bringing many characters to life. I capture their vague images on paper, then shape them with clay, add layers of color, and bake them over and over again.
They emerge into the real world with expressions of sealed intentions, gently curving surfaces, and unchanging colors and textures. Watching them gradually appear before my eyes, after existing only in my mind, fills me with joy and excitement.

I hope you can imagine the continuation of their story from their appearance, as if they are quietly plotting something.


Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
Zukyuuun in the Field
2024/06/05 -2024/06/25
10:00 - 20:00  Last day|10:00 - 17:00
gallery UG Osaka Umeda


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