When I paint my masterpiece.

2022/10/21 -2022/11/05

gallery UG Tennoz


gallery UG Tennoz is pleased to announce the exhibition entitled, "When I paint my masterpiece." by Takaoki TAJIMA from October 21 to November 5.

TAJIMA has been working mainly on sculptures, but he started to put his focus more on painting last year, and this time he is challenging lithographs for the first time.

His inquisitive mind had impressed Masashi Ozaki, a legendary printer who worked on lithograph prints for leading European artists ; Miro, Lautrec, and Picasso. And he overcame the unexpected happenings and has finally resulted in the completion of this exhibition!

The "LIFE" series of 8 prints can be enjoyed as a manga-like storyline when all the prints are lined up. Of course, you can also enjoy the story of each piece one by one.

This exhibition will feature his newest launch in lithographs, followed by his wood sculptures, canvases, and drawings. It will be well worth seeing.

The gallery will be open on Sundays as well.

Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition and enjoy TAJIMA's world.

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Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
When I paint my masterpiece.
2022/10/21 -2022/11/05
11:30 – 18:30  Fridays | 11:30 – 20:00
gallery UG Tennoz
Takaoki TAJIMA



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