The eternal moment

2024/07/03 -2024/07/20

gallery UG Tennoz


gallery UG Tennoz is excited to announce “The eternal moment,” a solo exhibition by Nami OKADA running from July 3 (Wed) to July 20 (Sat).

Okada shared his thoughts on the exhibition, which is her fifth solo show at our gallery.

“My landscapes explore the concepts of time and memory through painting.
They symbolize the relationship between time and space,
capturing eternal moments within their borders of sea and sky, mountains and trees.
In these seemingly serene scenes, you can sense the traces of time and change,
reflecting the coexistence of beginnings and endings.

My long-term series, “ONE VIEW,” involves creating single paintings by layering memories like thin films.
The result is a landscape that feels universally familiar, inviting viewers to draw on their own memories.
This creates a double image, blending the painting with personal recollections.
My aim is to weave a very abstract, yet concrete landscape from our shared, deep memories.

Another series, “VOID,” further explores the flow of time within the image. While “ONE VIEW” captures a fixed, indescribable space, “VOID” focuses on the “circle of time,” a phenomenon created by the interaction of multiple objects.

In this exhibition, “The Eternal Moment,” I delve even deeper into the theme of time. My interest in the interplay of memory and time—its colors, forms, and movements—has grown through my work, culminating in this collection.

Please enjoy the view as time and place separate and merge, float and overlap.”


We warmly invite you to visit the gallery and experience Nami OKADA's captivating work for yourself.

gallery UG

Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
The eternal moment
2024/07/03 -2024/07/20
11:30 – 18:30
Sundays, Mondays
gallery UG Tennoz


void (No.108)
aclylic on panel, lacquer

one view (No.91)
aclylic on panel, lacquer

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