The beginning and the end

2023/05/19 -2023/06/03

gallery UG Tennoz


We are pleased to announce that gallery UG Tennoz will hold a solo exhibition of Takashi ONISHI from May 19 (Fri.) to June 3 (Sat.).

Onishi has been our gallery's exclusive artist for 12 years, since 2011.
Originally, Onishi has painted with watercolor "red" as the base color, but now he uses cinnabar, a color called "red" in iwa-enogu (natural pigment), for his works.
"Red" has been used as a color to ward off evil since ancient times in Asia, and is mainly used in shrines and temples.
Onishi finds "the unique beauty of ancient Japan" in "red" and uses it effectively in his works as his own.
While using traditional Japanese motifs, kachofugetsu, flowers, birds, wind, and the moon as his main motifs, he also incorporates expressions (clouds, etc.) found in the Rimpa school of art, and incorporates various events that he feels while living in modern society as themes in his works.
These include his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, planets related to that dream, and his favorite video game characters.
Onishi expresses his own worldview through the symbolic use of the aforementioned clouds and the fusion of the profundity and beauty of Japanese painting with contemporary motifs.
This exhibition will showcase Onishi's work, which he has created by returning to his origins as an artist. Please come and see them!

Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
The beginning and the end
2023/05/19 -2023/06/03
11:30 – 18:30  Fridays | 11:30 – 20:00
Sundays, Mondays
gallery UG Tennoz
Takashi ONISHI



F30 (91×72.7)
waterclor, japanese materials on paper/panel

(日本語) 夏炉冬扇
F8 (38×45.5)
waterclor, japanese materials on paper/panel


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