Botanical garden

2023/06/16 -2023/06/24

gallery UG Bakurocho


gallery UG Bakurocho is pleased to present "Botanical garden" by Saori Hasegawa from Friday, June 16 to Saturday, June 24.

Hasegawa has been consistently presenting works titled "Lost Landscape", in confronting the existence and time of "seeing," Hasegawa explores the essence of "landscapes" that we are usually familiar with.

In her works, Hasegawa deforms this inorganic everyday life by using straight lines and combines it with plants (healing).
The tension is created by the straight lines in the soft picture plane, in her works and they fuse together, making a landscape stand out that should be familiar.

In 2022, after "KONSHIN-TEN vol.4", part of the UG Project aimed at discovering newcomers, in the group exhibition "Visualization" held at gallery UG Tennoz this spring, she presented mainly large works.
In this exhibition, her first solo show at gallery UG, Hasegawa will present new landscapes depicted in water and light.

Please come and see the exhibition.

gallery UG

I am working on paintings titled "Lost Landscape."
I paint titled "lost landscape".
I compose both live plants and photographic landscapes on the same canvas, and as I paint, the two gradually begin to move together.
They seem to intertwine with each other, mixing symbiotically, and then spread out, repeating regeneration and destruction, to form a landscape.
The rhythm that repeats between the two leads the consciousness of those standing in front of the landscape into memories and fantasies, and makes them wander.
I hope to get lost in such repeated, ephemeral yet powerful cycles.


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Exhibition name
Botanical garden
2023/06/16 -2023/06/24
gallery UG Bakurocho


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