After the Rain

2024/07/17 -2024/08/06

gallery UG Osaka Umeda


gallery UG Osaka Umeda is pleased to present “After the Rain,” a solo exhibition by Gekko NUMATA from Wednesday 17 July to Tuesday 6 August.

Numata's work is heavily influenced by Japanese painting, particularly in his use of space. He employs a minimalist approach, removing unnecessary elements to focus on vibrant depictions of plants and animals. His backgrounds are simple, blank spaces with unique textures that spark the imagination. By portraying only the main subject, Numata's realism shines through, capturing the natural vitality of his motifs with striking clarity.

This marks NUMATA's first solo exhibition at gallery UG Osaka Umeda. We invite you to take this opportunity to visit and experience his work.

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Gekko NUMATA / 沼田月光

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The natural world releases new vitality and beauty precisely at the moment the rain ends. In my solo exhibition, I explore the theme of the aftermath of rain, expressing life's resilience and renewal through plants, flowers, creatures, and fruits.

In today's society, having endured the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of finding hope and joy in our daily lives. My work conveys this hope and joy while suggesting new possibilities and vitality. The budding of plants and blooming of flowers symbolize new beginnings and growth, offering us hope.

Additionally, the sight of flowers and fruit brings us joy, reflecting nature's cycles. By capturing these moments' beauty and life's vibrancy, I aim to remind viewers of the joys of life. In the light of nature after the rain, may they find new hope and embrace vibrant days ahead.


Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
After the Rain
2024/07/17 -2024/08/06
10:00 - 20:00  Last day|10:00 - 17:00
gallery UG Osaka Umeda


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