Nature Travels

2021/02/16 -2021/03/06

gallery UG Tennoz


"gallery UG Tennoz" is pleased to present Mika Chiba│Nature Travels.
Mika Chiba works with oil paint on canvas. She skillfully depicts the sparkle, transparency and fluidity of water created by the light shining on oceans and lakes in Japan and abroad.
Her works can be both figurative and abstract depending on the distance from which they are viewed. In addition to the representation of water, she also paints scenes of Tokyo and Sapporo, evoking the exquisite light of night scenes and twilight.
He won the Grand Prize for Painting at the 35th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition in 2017, and has a solo exhibition at Ginza Tsutaya (GINZA SIX 6F) in 2019.
This exhibition will feature the grand prize winning work of the Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition and a new work of S100. She will also present her first editioned works.
Please come and see Chiba's dynamic and delicate works.

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Exhibition name
Nature Travels
2021/02/16 -2021/03/06
gallery UG Tennoz


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