Naoki NOMURA Solo Exhibition

2022/11/18 -2022/12/03

gallery UG Tennoz


gallery UG Tennoz will hold exhibition entitled, "Zukyuuuun-Ka-Boom!-" by Naoki NOMURA from November 18 to December 3 ,2022.

This is the 2nd solo exhibition of Naoki NOMURA at gallery UG.
The exhibition has become more energetic than last year's show in Bakurocho, using a large space in Tennoz to show not only his works, but also to provide an enjoyable experience for visitors.

Please enjoy NOMURA's world at the entire venue.

ーgallery UG

”The sounds, smells, and signs that I feel while working in the lush green mountains make me imagine the lives of creatures that are not visible to my naked eyes. My life is filled with small discoveries that move me in casual conversations, encounters with people and things in daily life.

When my imagination and discoveries blend together, a story will be born in my head, and many characters will begin to move around in my mind.

Once I have captured their vague images on paper, I shape them with clay, add layers of colors and load them in the kiln over and over again.They emerge into the real world with expressions that seal their intentions and emotions, gently curved surfaces, and unchanging colors and textures. The process of their gradual appearance in front of our very eyes, and knowing that they had been in my mind makes me fulfilled with joy and excitement.

I hope you would imagine the rest of the stories as these creatures are quietly plotting something."


Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
Naoki NOMURA Solo Exhibition
2022/11/18 -2022/12/03
11:30 – 18:30  Fridays | 11:30 – 20:00
gallery UG Tennoz


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