Floating moment

2023/09/01 -2023/10/31

The Ritz-Carlton,Tokyo


gallery UG is pleased to announce a special exhibit "Floating moment" by Kunihiko Nohara, an artist exclusive to gallery UG, operated by UG ASSEMBLE Co., Ltd. (President: Eiichiro SASAKI), at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo (Roppongi, Tokyo) from September 1, 2023.

Kunihiko NOHARA is a contemporary artist who creates a wide range of three-dimensional and two-dimensional works centered on wood sculptures. In recent years, he has been presenting collaborative works that incorporate traditional Japanese craft techniques such as Kyo-yuzen (traditional dying), lacquer, and foil stamping.
Based on the concept of "a montage of everyday scenes," he has carved and shaped these works from a single piece of wood.

In this special exhibition, he presents new works inspired by the crown and the lion, the king of beasts, seen in the logo of The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo.
In addition, a large-size version of "Cappuccino", which established the Nohara style, his masterpiece embodies "comfortable moments" from his production concept of capturing everyday life.
All colors of the original size "Cappuccino" will be displayed at various locations in The Lobby Lounge on the 45th floor, where visitors can enjoy the gentle healing effect of the artwork with afternoon tea.
On the ground floor, where the entrance to the building is located, "Zenzai II," a work of art decorated with a traditional Japanese cloisonné pattern, will be on display, welcoming you with joy and celebration of your "Goen (connection)" with us.

Furthermore, as a limited collaboration product, chocolate confections with motifs of the artwork will be on sale for a limited time only.
You will be able to take them home as a reminder of your special time with us.

gallery UG

【From the artist】
"Clouds" and "Swimming goggles"
Imaginations or memories are always ambiguous.
The "present" in front of us also becomes the past and memory with the passage of time.
When there was a situation that I want to preserve in "form," the surroundings other than "it" is already ambiguous, and no clear form can be seen.
Clouds that at first glance appear to have a form have no substance.
The way it eventually fades and disappears is linked to the vague object for me.
Swimming goggles, which allowed me to see clearly for the first time the under the water, which I could only see dimly, are another viewpoint through the filter of experience and knowledge.

What I want to create is a special time for me. Cutting out scenes that remain in my mind in my daily life. A shape that I carved out from a single piece of wood is a montage of what I cut out scenes.

The luxurious space of The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, and the view of Tokyo from the high-rise floors will lift your spirits and release you from your daily life.
Visible bliss. Invisible bliss.
I hope that the presence of this space and my work will make you feel even more special and extraordinary.

45F The lobby lounge| Fri. September 1st – Sat. September 30th     
GF Ground floor| Fri. September 1st – Tue. October 31st

Exhibition Information

Exhibition name
Floating moment
2023/09/01 -2023/10/31
The Ritz-Carlton,Tokyo
Kunihiko NOHARA



117.5×85×74 cm
Camphor, acrylic paint

145.5×71×66 cm
Camphor, acrylic paint

Cappuccino Sion Edition18
41×33×22.5 cm
FRP,castor aralia

Cappuccino Bluish Black Edition18
41×33×22.5 cm

Cappuccino Red Plum Edition18
41×33×22.5 cm
FRP,wild cherry

Zenzai (Monument)
200×210×110 cm
urethane resin

Otsukimi (Moon viewing)
camphor wood,acrylic, brass nail(Pedestal:Litsea Coreana)

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