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Think GREEN feat. Kunihiko Nohara will be held at Daimaru Matsuzakaya.

Takaoki TAJIMA

Takaoki TAJIMA Solo Exhibition.


gallery UG is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Takaoki TAJIMA from Sat, October 9 to Sat, October 30,2021.

Kunihiko NOHARA

Think GREEN feat. Nohara kunihiko

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores

At Daimaru and Matsuzakaya Department Stores, new works with the theme of "Think GREEN" by gallery UG exclusive artist / Kunihiko Nohara will be released. The Consept of ​​"Think GREEN", the purpose is to convey "the importance of using Japanese wood" and "promoting the circulation of the forest".  Nohara has created with this concept and "a relaxing moment" into his new works. 

Daimaru Sapporo store 1st floor special venue
October 1st (Friday) to October 10th (Sunday) 10: 00-20: 00

Daimaru Umeda store 4th floor south escalator side event space
* At the southwest event space on the 3rd floor, Nohara’s artworks will be displayed at the same tine.
October 13th (Wednesday) -October 19th (Tuesday) 10: 00-20: 00

Daimaru Kobe store 1st floor main stage
October 21st (Thursday) -November 2nd (Tuesday) 10: 00-20: 00

Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store South Building 3rd Floor M Cubic
November 10th (Wednesday) -November 16th (Tuesday) 10: 00-18: 00

About Kunihiko NOHARA

Kunihiko NOHARA creates wood sculptures in which figures and animals are joined with spheres and other objects. In his works, the figures and animals wear their own space, scent, atmosphere, sensation, and time as a mass, and they are lovely and unique, but at the same time, they go back and forth between strangeness and mismatch as an extended body. Her figurative motifs are vividly painted to evoke abstract images. In recent years, he has been actively creating collaborative works between traditional crafts and contemporary art. In recent years, he has been actively creating works in collaboration with traditional crafts and contemporary art, and has been actively participating in solo exhibitions, art fairs, and special exhibitions overseas since 2010.

Sponsored by: Daimaru Matsuhan-ya Department Store / Supported by: National Federation of Forest Associations / In cooperation with gallery UG

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Precious Time

Park Hotel Tokyo

gallery UG is pleased to announce the group exhibition "Precious Time" at the Park Hotel Tokyo from June 7 (Mon) to November 14 (Sun), 2021.

In these days of the Corona disaster, the environment is changing in a hurry and the days are flowing so fast that it is becoming difficult to spend time looking at the sky with a relaxed mind.
Nevertheless, the sky remains the same, dazzling and intense with the sun's rays in summer, and pleasantly high and clear in autumn.
In this exhibition, as you gaze at the vast and endless blue sky, you will see works born from pure impulses, thoughts that well up from within, and works with a sense of humor. You may come across works that remind you of a clear sky without a speck of cloudiness, like the clear skies of Japan, and make you feel refreshed and free of worries. Please enjoy the "Precious Time" that can only be found here and now.

Exhibition Artists
Kunihiko Nohara, Osamu Watanabe, Keinori Toizumi, Tomoko Wada, Nobuko Numano, Junko Asano, Kayo Morimoto, Kazuko Neishi, Takashi Onishi

Precious Time Exhibition
Period: June 7, 2021 (Mon) - November 14, 2021 (Sun)
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Location: Atrium (25F)
Admission: Free
Open to all regardless of whether you are staying at the hotel or not.

Curated by: gallery UG
Design] Design Studio PHT
Video production] antymark annex
Organizer] Park Hotel Tokyo


About gallery UG

"Connecting artworks to people, connecting people to each other through art."

galleryUG are always there for our artists.
We will grow together with the artists and support them from production to promotion.
We aim to further enrich and expand the contemporary art scene by proposing the ideal way for galleries to be.
  • Pudding and tomato
    51.6×51.6 cm
    画仙紙 墨・顔彩

    F10 (45.5×53)
    oil,acrylic on canvas

    Light of My Dreams
    F50 (91×116.7)
    oil,acrylic on canvas

    Lake Tekapo
    F15 (53×65.2)
    oil,acrylic on canvas

    (日本語) 漣
    M15 (45.5×65.2)
    oil,acrylic on canvas

    S10 (53×53)
    oil,acrylic on canvas

    Go with the Flow
    F120 (130.3×193.9)
    oil,acrylic on canvas

    M80 (89.4×145.5)
    oil,acrylic on canvas

    one view
    F50 (91×116.7)
    acrylic,lacquer on panel

    (日本語) 糸電話
    F6 (31.8×41)
    aclirylic on panel

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gallery UG Bakurocho

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Kyoto Branch

This is a base in Kyoto that opened in 2018 in order to actively conduct activities in the Kansai region.
This is a reservation-only space.

Studio MOKU

This is a production studio for exclusive artists of gallery UG, which will open in 2020. It was built to approach and support artists from a long-term perspective.