gallery UG Tennoz
Grand Opening!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our second location, gallery UG Tennoz, on the second floor of TERRADA ART COMPLEX II in Tennozu, Tokyo.
2020 is our 20th anniversary year since we started gallery UG in Ginza. Although we are in the midst of an unsettled social situation, we take this as an opportunity for a new start, and the artists and staff will work together to carry out our duties. We would appreciate your continued support and guidance.

gallery UG Tennoz

gallery UG Tennoz will hold Kunihiko Nohara Solo Exhibition “CYCLE” from September 2, 2020.
As the infection of COVID-19 has not yet been completely settled, you may have concerns about coming to the gallery.
We will take thorough measures to prevent infection.
We sincerely hope you to come and enjoy the exhibition.

【EXHIBITION EXTENDED】Spring Breeze -Spring has come- Art Colors Vol.32 

“Spring Breeze -Spring has come- “ Art Colors Vol.32 held at Park Hotel Tokyo from Tuesday, March 24th has been extended.
We are also planning to hold a summer time curated exhibition from Wednesday, July 1st as well.

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Spring Breeze Spring has come- Art Colors Vol.32

“Spring Breeze -Spring has come-” Art Colors Vol.32 is now held at Park Hotel Tokyo from Tuesday March 24th.  Young artists who are active in Japan and overseas are expressing the theme of “Spring” on their works mainly with three-dimensional works.

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Art Fair Tokyo 2020 has been canceled & Info about New Exhibition

Art Fair Tokyo 2020 and our exhibition there has been cancelled due to the prevention of spread of COVID-19.Everyone’s safe is the utmost priority, so we appreciate your understanding for this cancellation. Instead, we will hold our curated exhibition “WOOD SCULPTURE” at our gallery which was planned to be held at Tokyo Art Fair.

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We have added the information about our new 10 exclusive artists to the ARTIST page.
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Nohara’s work is on the front page of JAPAN TIMES

Kunihiko Nohara’s work was featured as an article on the front page of the Japan Times about the Art Fair Tokyo.

Kyoto Branch Opened!

gallery UG newly opened Kyoto branch, and you can enjoy the art works in a private space. Reservation is required, so please contact us by email or phone in advance.
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Works and Multiples by Kunihiko Nohara are available here.

Other works and items of our exclusive artists will be added!